Sunday, 16 February 2014

Orchard Road

I opted to take the MRT(underground train service) today rather than walking to orchard road, mainly because i knew id do lots of walking once i got there and the humidity was crazy today (over 80%) so i just couldn't be bothered walking for an hour to get to some shopping centres :p
The MRT was pretty simple to use, so much simpler than Sydney's train service (by that I mean it didn't take 3 of us taking 5 wrong trains to get where i wanted)
Singapore is going a little valentine's day crazy at the moment, the first indication being the bright pink horses which line the entire road

Some models.. casually posing outside the ion shopping centre. This is the third professional photoshoot I've stumbled across in Singapore - I guess there's just a lot of beautiful backgrounds
Had a very weird moment where there was a george...
more valentine's decorations - every shopping centre was decked out in pink!
Plaza Singapura, Dubai might have the biggest shopping centres but Singapore seems to be right behind them challenging them with the sheer amount of malls! On this one road there's about 8 massive shopping centres all of which stretch over at least 5 floors
I only noticed today that the lion image is dotted all around the city
And I finally got around to trying this Singapore… peculiarity! There are lots of little ice cream carts dotted around the city and most sell ice cream the traditional way for Singapore - sliced and in a piece of bread! Apparently the dying of the bread fun colours is a recent addition. Anyway it was weirdly nice - and no where near as strange as I expected it to be!
I finally made my way to Instana Park - I think I turned around about 5 times, as the maps I had (all 3) showed the park to be significantly bigger than it actually was. It wasn't until I walked around the entire walk twice that I saw this sign hidden behind some bushes I realised! 
The park was lovely, and it was the perfect place to relax in the afternoon sun. I also went on a bit of a butterfly walk and managed to spot 5 different types - all completely beautiful 

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