Monday, 24 February 2014

Australia Zoo

Zoo Day!

I’m not a particular fan of zoos (hence why I skipped the massive one at Singapore) but I felt like I couldn’t miss Australia Zoo when I was so close – that’s the one made famous by Steve Irwin, and it has a big focus on conservation with a lot of the money raised there going directly towards preserving animals in the wild. I caught the earliest bus there (which meant I had to wake up at 6:30!!) and the last coach home (I left when the zoo itself closed) and I think I just about saw everything on my list but there are definitely things I missed, mainly some of the shows, but I didn’t stop for a minute!

Before I even got to the booking desk I managed to hold an alligator! He felt so strange, weirdly soft!

Mere minutes after the doors opened I'd managed to book my giraffe, koala, and wombat encounter as well as an opportunity to hold a snake later in the day! The map was great and after scribbling down on the back the times I was doing everything my day was already looking pretty full!

I started the day by buying some kangaroo food and heading into their enclosure.
 I love this shot! Look at his little tongue! 
 They’re surprisingly soft, and they walabees seemed so lazy! I’d approach slowly with my hand out, and they’d just lift their head from where they were dozing and sigh before jumping over to eat! I got the distinct impression those guys thought they were doing me a favour :p

 Because I was there bright and early I got the entire, massive, enclosure to myself which was really nice actually.
 This guy was lying down when I walked in and within seconds of me pulling out the bag of food he jumped up and sprang towards me! I knew they moved quickly but it always surprises me!
look at his face!

I also popped over to the red kangaroos which are a fair bit bigger, seemed much more awake and much more interested in what was on my hand!

After dawdling through the wetlands (where I got bitten by mosquitos three times!) I realized I was actually running late for my giraffe encounter! I quickly ran across the park (not too fun in the heat) and turns out I was the only one actually booked onto the encounter!
 The giraffe which came over was the male of the herd as was the biggest, by quite a bit! The keeper did mention I needed to keep tight hold on the branches as they were quite strong but I still wasn’t particularly prepared for how strong his tongue was! I had a death grip on those branches!

 I then strolled through the Africa section, seeing the Zebras and Rhinos, before walking through the Camel Section as well as Tiger Temple – the Tigers were still quite sleepy when I got there.

Can you see the baby rhino!?
 I then strolled through the Africa section, seeing the Zebras and Rhinos, before walking through the Camel Section as well as Tiger Temple – the Tigers were still quite sleepy when I got there and I never got chance to pop back later in the day

 Tiger temple
Then I detoured through the Koala bit and got to stroke one! They’re so soft, and they sleep in the oddest positions!

 so cute!

the funniest sleeping position :)

Then it was over to the crocosium for the wild warriors show! It was really entertaining and still pretty informative. Surprisingly the birds were amazing and just as fun as the crocs!
 the crocosium!

 doesn't he look like the happiest bird?

he's smiling!

Once it was wrapping up I dashed off to my wombat encounter – which weirdly I was really looking forward and it was great! The keepers called them out, tempting them with lunch and then me and one other couple got to go in to stroke them. They’re real characters, and the keepers said they’re a lot like puppies in they like to play and be naughty but they’ve no idea their own strength – they we adorable!
 Some of them decided to take their time coming out, while others were first in line for some food!

 love this photo :)
this is the youngest one there at 12months :)

The otters were actually one of my favorites- they were so incredibly playful! They were constantly chasing and clambering over each other!

I got to stroke a Koala earlier in the day and was surprised just how soft they felt and then after my wombat encounter I got to hold one and they are a lot heavier than I thought they would be! I guess they’re just so fluffy you forget there’s muscle under there!
 There were also lizards everywhere! Big ones like the hidden alligator in the picture above, and small like this little guy below!
I have to say I loved the crocs though!

 I think one of my favourite animals there, alongside the koalas, wombats and kangaroos were the asian small clawed otters! They were so playful, and they're pretty cute too!

I had an amazing day and I'm so glad I went - an early night is definitely in store for me now though!

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