Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gardens by the Bay

The other day I spotted a water fountain on the southern side of the bay which hadn't been mentioned in any of the books I'd read so this morning I headed off to hunt it down!
I love my walk along the 'boat quay' - it's so scenic and I seem to walk the same route every day! On my way to find the fountain I passed the Fullerton (one of the prettiest hotels in Singapore I think)

 Love this sign - no cattle or horses allowed!
 Turns out the 'fountain' was the somewhat iconic Singapore Merlion! 
I also found this lovely little cafe area hidden under the bridge that was so atmospheric with music blasting and people relaxing in the shade of the bridge next to the water!
The Fullerton is right next to the merlon & I just loved this photo (I feel like it combines 3 of the key aspects of singapore, it's colonial era, the traditional foliage of the area and the new towering skyscrapers as the backdrop)
I pottered around the merlon for a bit before I decided to walk the southern side of the Harbour to Marina Bay Sands. It was a longer walk than I thought, and probably wasn't the best idea to do it at midday but anyway it was pretty - although I did end up walking through 3 hotel lobbies.. weird. 
Marina Bay Shoppes 
From here I caught the massive escalator up to the gardens (I had to go on the biggest escalator and as someone who's not a fan of escalators that really wasn't fun…)
 Then it was just a little walk over dragonfly bridge to the Marina Bay Sands hotel
look at the lobby of the hotel!
 Another little bridge took me to the actual gardens where the SuperTree grove is hidden away
 Looking out over the gardens with the singapore flyer in the background with the super trees and one of the conservatories
There were lots of little ledges with offered beautiful views over the gardens 
I finally found my way to the 'super tree grove' and they looked so much bigger up close!
 I feel like this photo gives some idea as to the scale of the trees?
There's a suspended walkway linking two of the trees which you can go up, I wasn't going to but for $5 I figured why not? Anyway what I didn't realise was the bridge rocked… as in it was swaying as I walked along. Not the most reassuring feeling when you're on a little path high above the ground...
 The view was so beautiful up there though!
 (today was an incredibly humid day! I checked when I got back to my room and it was 87%!! 
 The trees get a lot of bad reactions with lots of reviewers and travel writers being quite scathing but I thought they were an interesting attraction and can be quite symbolic of Singapore's approach to enabling it's vision of Singapore being an international tourist destination. 
The view or the hotel was pretty amazing from the gardens too!
Once the sun began to set I headed off back along the bridge - planning to watch the sunset from the museum lill pond
 Sunsets in Singapore are so beautiful - every night I've managed to watch the sun go down the sunset has been so lovely!
I was going to go down to the lilly pond, but as I was waiting for the lift (I found a lift so i didn't have to take the ridiculously huge escalator) I noticed you could walk all around the roof. I'm so glad I went exploring up there as I found a completely secluded spot with a great view of the skyline!

 Almost every night the sky turns the prettiest pink!
I did head down to the lilly pond just before the sky completely darkened though as I  just love how the lights reflect on the water (it doesn't look particularly amazing in photos but in real life it's beautiful)

Marina Bay Sands, the Art Museum (the white stylised lotus on the right) and the helix bridge as I walked along the water front heading back to the hostel

P.S Complimentary earplugs are the best things. ever.

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