Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Room!

So I'm finally in my new room at Orchard Park. It's a lot bigger than my past few university rooms, its got two windows and unlike my last room at Waikato it doesn't make me want to cry (it's the little things). I'm in cottage 25, room one with Ana from Sweden, Ana from Norway (nice and easy to remember) and Sherie from China :)

 My little bamboo bowl with opal lining I picked up in Singapore
 new keys :)
 My little collection of keyrings- I'm trying to get one from each place I visit!
Venice, Verona, Phuket, Sydney, Dubai, Singapore and Brisbane
 My bits and pieces on my shelves

 Window number 1! Looking out over some grass and a small carpark
 And Window number 2 features a tree
 And from the second window at the front of the 'cottage' you can see our little deck and that's outside the front of the house!

I'm already much happier with this room compared to the last one which smelt, had wallpaper peeling off and where everything with chipped and looked like it needed replacing! 

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