Monday, 17 February 2014

Sky Park

Today was all about the Marina Bay Sky Park. I couldn't decide whether it'd be better to go up during the day, so I could see everything, or at night since I adore the evening in the city. So, I did the only logical thing and went up twice!

The view was even better than I was hoping.
I zoomed in a little on china town as I love how it's nestled next to the towers of the financial district with the river cutting it off from the colonial region. 

obligatory photo of me and the view!
On the other side were great views over the gardens, including the two conservatories 
and a shot over eastern singapor

I was a little mesmerised by the boats just outside the reservoir. I saw them when I last landed in Singapore on my way home for Christmas from the airplane and something about seeing a working port is just really interesting… I've never seen so many ships in my life! And they dot the entire coast all the way to the horizon

Anyway I spent a good portion of the day pottering about Singapore, just enjoying the city. I did go back to the merlon as I realised after I went through photos I forgot to ask someone to take a photo of me and the lion and I kind of wanted one. 
Ignore the fact I'm wearing my sunglasses…

After pottering about I popped on some make up and headed back to Marina Bay Sands to attempt to get into the 'Sky Deck'. This is a club on the 57th floor with views over the city and it's right next to th pool which i wanted to see. 
There's quite a strict dress code, and there's normally a door charge which I didn't want to pay. Anyway I got in, and I didn't have to pay the $20 to get in as the bouncers were lovely to chat to! :)
I managed to get over to the glass railing and enjoy the sun setting over singapore 

I had to be ruthless to cut down the amount of skyline/sunset photos I uploaded - they are all so beautiful but I think these three may be my favourites, partly because you can see the different stages of the sunset. 
 I love this photo (perhaps because it took several attempts and my heart was in my mouth as I placed the bottle on the edge when it was so windy)
I'm so glad I didn't have to pay the door charge as my little bottle of tiger beer was $22! That's over £10… now I don't normally drink beer but I'm pretty sure that's expensive… 
The infinity pool of which there are hundreds of photos circulating online. You can only go in if you're staying at the hotel (2 guys who were in my hostel booked a room together purely so they could go for a dip) Got to say, it was pretty cool.
On my way back to the hostel I took my usual walk along the water front - where you can get the best views of the CBD and found a performance going on! I keep forgetting because it's chinese New Year there's some sort of performance every night, I've caught a few, but this one was my favourite evening. 
The dancers were hypnotising, and as such I only have one or two photos as I was too caught up in the various dances to even think about taking photos!
(I think this particular dance was my favourite)

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