Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mt Coot-tha

Today was a little cloudy, so I figured today would be the nicest day to walk up to Mt Coot-tha. Which might sound strange but it’s just been too hot recently to even think about walking up a mountain so the cloudy weather looked promising. Oh how wrong I was
Love this photo!

The blanket of cloud seemed to simply increase the humidity and after 20minutes I was already slightly regretting the decision to walk up rather than simply catch the bus (I didn’t get the bus because then I’d have to bus a $10 card and top it up and it seemed like a lot of hassle when I didn't have much time left)

About half way up it rained.. which was pure bliss for about 5 minutes until it stopped and the humidity returned with a vengeance. Needless to say by the time I got to the top I was wishing I’d just caught the stupid bus, but the views from the lookout really were beautiful and definitely made up for how sticky it was getting up there!
From the point you can see Brisbane in all it’s sprawling glory, and I definitely just stood there for 5 minutes taking it in!
I bought myself an ice cream and proceeded to spend most of the afternoon up there in the café reading and enjoying the view, the weather also really picked up towards the end of my walk and by the time I reached the top the sun was starting to come out. So all in all it worked out pretty well and I’m really glad I made time to go to the look out!
 After making my way down I popped back to the hostel before going to Southbank and having a dip in the 'lagoon'! From walking around the past few days I figured out the quietest times to go and 2pm on a Thursday was the quietest I'd ever seen the place, and by this time the sun was shining so it was perfect to spend one of my last days in brisbane
 I basically had it all to myself!

 The clouds returned in the early evening and as I strolled through the city I stumbled upon a little market setting (There was also a political rally happening in the same square which gathered momentum as I was leaving)

 handmade soy candles  - I wanted to get one but I wasn't sure my package allowance could handle a candle
Goats milk soap!

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