Monday, 17 February 2014

Flying to Brisbane..

I hate catching taxis - I just feel so silly sticking my arm out, luckily I caught a taxi super quickly this morning so the torture only lasted a few minutes. I figured catching a taxi would just be much easier than attempting the MRT with a suitcase (it gets incredibly crowded at peak times and can be a little rocky)

I was a little early at the airport so I decided to weigh my suitcase before getting in line. Somehow, no idea how, my suitcase has gained another 5kg?! I mean yes, I bought some shoes on orchard road, and some other bits and piece... but I don’t not 5kg worth surely? Anyway I pushed my, rather heavy, suitcase to the front of the line where I got chatting to a lovely couple from Brisbane who have travelled all over from the sounds of it and funnily enough one of the professors at Waikato went to school with the woman and they’ve stayed friends.

Despite my worrying I didn't have to pay any extra for my luggage - lovely surprise!
I’ve been really very lucky with my flights, and the one to Brisbane was no different – it was another light load. I was on the left hand side and got all three seats to myself! Another great surprise! So once again, I kicked off my shoes, wrapped myself in the 3 blankets, and settled in to watch a film. It was also a bit of a relief to have edible food on the plane again rather than the stuff I got on the flight through India.

Then it was just immigration, for some reason I had to get my passport stamped, which is a little strange as last time I entered OZ I didn’t need one? I’m assuming it’s because I flew in from Singapore whereas last time it was from NZ… Regardless I got another stamp in passport!

My flight had been delayed a fair bit in Singapore, and then we had turbulence pretty much the entire way to Brisbane so instead of getting in just before 1am we ended up arriving closer to 3am. The YHA’s reception is open 24hrs so it wasn’t too much of a problem, I did feel bad going into the room though when there were 3 other people asleep… I don’t think I made too much noise. I have a top bunk, but I can’t complain, the room is nice enough, and the girls I’m sharing with seem nice.

Also I should just mention when I got off the plane Brisbane was warm! Warm! In the middle of the night! Apparently it’s going to be low 40s tomorrow… all I think is at least it won’t be humid like Singapore!

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