Friday, 21 February 2014

Botanical Gardens

Today I popped to the Brisbane Botanical Garden, it's definitely more of a park than actual botanical gardens but it was pretty, and it was a lovely place to spend some time in the middle of the day - the shady trees were a welcome respite from the midday sun!

I loved these beautiful flowers
I saw so many lizards today! I still can't quite get used to them being everywhere- I lost count at around 5

little photo of me and one of the lovely water fountains 
These birds are so much more common than pigeons here - aren't the cute!
There's also nearly always the odd crazy turkey running around any green space int he city!

A banyan tree (I love these trees and their aerial roots)
another lizard!

After walking throughout the gardens I headed to their southern point and then followed them up the river where there were some pretty boats moored with the skyscrapers as their backdrop

after following the river I ended up back in the city centre - so lots of old buildings to admire

The sky turned the prettiest colour as I was walking home, sadly I've yet to catch a proper sunset - I think Singapore spoilt me as they had amazing sunsets every night!

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