Friday, 21 February 2014

Brisbane City

Today I ventured into the main heart of Brisbane. I took the more scenic route – it’s possible to simply turn right outside the hostel and then just follow the road straight into the city but I think crossing the bridge into southbank is much prettier and takes about the same time.
My lovely view as I cross the bridge!

I love how they have these emergency stops every so often - there's water so you can have a drink or fill up your bottle, there's normally a little fact about Brisbane, and there's a button you can press if you're having an emergency (I think this is to do with the amount of runners and the heat)

On one of the bridges 
It didn’t take very long to hunt down Queenstreet – the main shopping road. Dotted along Queenstreet and George Street are not only lots of individual shops but there’s quite a few little malls and arcades too – a big bonus when it’s blistering outside and the malls have air conditioning!

I spent most of the day strolling around the shops – I love how there’s tons I don’t recognize! Once my purse was a little lighter, I crossed another bridge over to southbank.
The view from one of Brisbane's many bridges
me and the Brisbane Skyline from Southbank

I really do love how there’s such a relaxed and green space so close to the city centre, and it was here I spent the remainder of the day, enjoying the view of the skyline and generally relishing the lovely weather!!
Once again the clouds made themselves known as sunset – the sky was still very pretty though

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