Thursday, 5 June 2014

21st Birthday!

Just a quick post summarising my amazing 21st Birthday in New Zealand! 
I was truly spoilt, and it was a really fun, relaxed day (well aside from the exam I had half way through)
All my cards and presents!
I've moaned a little bit this last week that it just didn't feel like my birthday since it was getting so much colder and my birthday is usually in summer. But New Zealand didn't let me down - the 4th was absolutely beautiful and definitely the hottest and sunniest day we've had in about a month!
This is a photo of the lake with all the gorgeous orange and golden leaves
I never got round to ordering a cake so I was a little worried when my birthday got round but then I actually ended up 2! My lovely flatmates surprised me in the morning with this cake and they sang happy birthday to me in Swedish!
And then as soon as I got back from my exam George popped around with this lovely homemade cake!  And another giant badge to go with the one mum sent! The best bit was definitely the letter which explained everything that was wrong with the cake and how it 'symbolised' my life e.g. he put too much cocoa in it so it'll be really rich, unlike me after this year abroad!
 After my exam me and a couple of friends went to Momento to have a few drinks and to chat while the sun set, we also made sure to take a few photos since we realised we have barely any of the three of us!
 This is Anna (the one from Sweden), myself (of course) and Hanne (from Belgium)
Some of the yummy mango margaritas we got!
 Also took a few photos with my lovely flatmates - Anna (Sweden), Me, and Anna (Norwegian)
 The trees are such a pretty background to the photos too!

 We also couldn't resist doing the classic 'throwing leaves into the air' photo thing, although we kind of failed since you can't see my face - was fun though!
Me and Hanne sipping on our drinks 
I had such a lovely day, and then Hanne popped around in the evening after we finished up having drinks and told me she was 'taking me somewhere'. Once she got me outside she blindfolded me, turned me around, and then led me off - telling me after walking me into a bush, that she was taking me to a haunted house! Long story short her, anna and tiffany had me convinced as I was well and truly lost! When they finally took off my blindfolds I was in Hanne's cottage and they'd arranged a Wine and Cheeseboard evening!
Cheese is really expensive out here so I haven't had any in a few months, which is annoying when you're a vegetarian! Everything was delicious, the 5 types of cheeses, the New Zealand white wine, the New Zealand cider and the grapes too. We also bonded over musicals all night!

It was a great birthday, just what I wanted before all the exams that are coming up!

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