Saturday, 24 May 2014

Autumn Update

Been meaning to do a post like this for a while but I just keep forgetting/run out of time to put it together. So it's just a random ramble about bits and pieces that have happened recently - the sort of stuff that doesn't warrant it's own blog post but deserves a little mention
 Golden Kiwis, I know I'm raved about them to mum, but the world needs to know about these golden treats, I'm pretty sure me and Anna are surviving off these as they're really hard (read impossible) to find in europe, but they are 1000x better than your average boring green kiwi. They're mainly grown here in New Zealand and they seem to be a bit of a New Zealand Secret - they're delicious!
 It also seems like all the fruit trees around Orchard Park are finally coming into fruit so every chance I get I've been pottering around the trees picking some fresh fruit. There's something weirdly satisfying about picking your own fruit!
 So far we've had feijoas a plenty, and now the oranges and lemons are ripening! We also have some lime bushes and some grapefruit trees that i can't wait to ripen!
 I took these photos a week or so ago when they cherry trees were in blossom, we've officially reached the golden leaf stage now though. Which is incredibly beautiful, everywhere you look there's a scattering of orange, red and gold leaves
 The other night me Anna and Hanne decided to have a taco night! It was super easy and delicious to make before watching the Spectacular Now which is one of hanne's favourite films
 Love these two girls!
And then last night us three and tiffany went to see the Fault in our Stars. I read the book in a day so I'd read it before I watched the film and it was very, very emotional! I defy anyone to watch it and now cry! Afterwards we were all feeling a little 'fragile' so we went to Hamilton Night market, which is almost exclusively food! I got some churros, which were yummy, Anna got some thai food, Hanne this crazy spud spinner, and tiffany form steamed pork buns.

While there we realised we would only be able to go once more together, since Anna and hanne are off to Tonga soon for a week -I have an exam so I can't go :'(. I'm definitely not a fan off all these 'lasts'!. I've had my LAST EVER lecture in New Zealand, my last ever Orchard Park meeting, and everything else seems to have an expiry, only 3 more weeks until I leave Waikato Uni!

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