Sunday, 11 May 2014

Girly Nights

I've been meaning to add in a few photos from my time in Orchard as although I do spend a lot of my time in a library reading some archaic theoretical books, I try to make sure I do something fun in between! Me, Anna (Swedish Anna) and Hanne (Belgium) have gotten into the habit of meeting up every week or so to do something small and just catch up. We've made risotto together and baked cookies, but most of the time we just bring snacks and watch a film together and occasionally I remember to take some photos!
 Risotto Dinner with the Girls!
It was so delicious!
I promise I did actually do some of the work and didn't just stand around taking photos

Pre-dinner snacks!

 The weekend after we got down to some baking!

Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Sugar Cookies!

Then we finally figured out the self timer!

And last Friday me, Anna, Alyssa, Ariel, Ash, Hanne and Yuka went out to a post restaurant to treat ourselves to dinner and it was divine! We also shared a sticky date pudding and the fig and honey ice cream was to die for! Just a super quick ramble to keep you in the loop of things down under

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