Saturday, 14 June 2014

Movie Evenings

So this last week we've all realised how little time we have with each other so every night this week me and Anna have gone round to Hanne's to spend the evening with her, Tiffany and Centaine
 Centaine has an amazing selection of Disney DVDs so we've been spending the evenings reminiscing and watching out favourite childhood films! Anastaia was a winter - we spent half the film singing alone! The best bit was Anna knows the songs in Swedish, and Hanne in Flemish so when we were all singing along there were there different languages going on
we baked a ton of cookies which were scrumptious 

 Another night we shared dinner together - we had soup for starter and then risotto for main!
 We went along to Hamilton Night Market since I only have one more Saturday left here! How crazy is that?? We all stocked up on yummy asian food, I got a giant Churro, and some vegetable dumplings, Hanne got japanese 'balls' and some canadian chips, Anna got a massage and some curry and Centaine got a fancy Japanese crepe which was a masterpiece!
 Me and Anna split a traditional Hangi - it's buried underground with traditional native branches and cooked for wish hours. I had the vegetables and Anna got the meat. Oh and we had it with 'fried bread' which was slightly sweet and is traditional too. It was surprisingly yummy and I'm glad I got to try it!
 Hanne left me with this beautiful photo from one night!
 And then last night was a particularly cold one and George popped around. We were laughing that Anna looked homeless with her hat and blanket it. Not that George looked much better!
Also Facebook translate changed Hanne's status, from Centaine to JOHN! Needless to say we've been calling her John ever since. We've also booked a meal for when Anna and Hanne get back to say goodbye! Trying to make the most of everything, despite having to spend days in the library getting my essays done!

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