Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 1. To the Far North

I think I’m going to do the same thing I did on the south island, as although continuously posting daily might not be the most interesting thing to read (I know you only really look at the pictures mum!) I really think that when I look back and want to reminisce about this year quotidian posts will really help.
I feel like waiting until you’ve something interesting to show, or lumping days together, means you never write about the little things – and the little things are important! Looking back it’s almost always the little things that actually made a difference, and yet they’re so rarely recorded.

I’m travelling New Zealand with only my little backpack again (I one I used for travelling Italy) I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to survive 3 weeks with so few clothes… I’m sure it’ll be fine though! My suitcase is currently next to Hanne’s in Tiffany and Centaine’s cottage as Hanne and me are meeting up in Hamilton on the 17th where we’re going to finally say goodbye after having a sleep over in the lounge!
(me, Annda and Hanne all getting ready to leave1)

The plan is to try and cover as much as possible of the Northland, Bay of Islands, Corromandel, Bay of Blenty, East Cape and Taupo, so right now I’m in Kerikeri for 2 nights before I head further north (although I probably won’t be able to upload this until next week in Whitianga)

This morning was surprisingly hard, scrap that, this week has been pretty hard. I’ve made some truly amazing friends that I’m determined to not let out of my life, and knowing that we’re not going to see each other for months and months was pretty difficult. And of course knowing that I’m no longer a student in New Zealand anymore was weird, I’m incredibly lucky I still have 3 weeks travelling NZ and then over 40 days travelling all over north America. But it’s just strange to think I’ve actually finished my exchange year… I just can’t believe a year has past – saying goodbye to mum at the airport and crashing at 3pm in Thailand seem so far away, and yet I can’t believe an entire year has passed!
(the hostel room I have to myself)
This week has been simply draining. Aside from having a few panic attacks when weighing my suitcase (I swear I’ve only bought 3 things?!), last minute cramming for exam (I’ll never learn to revise earlier than the day before), nerve-wracking end results, and 2 leaving dinners, it’s been the countless goodbyes as we all disperse across the world that have been really hard. I’ve spent 8hrs on a coach today so I’ve spent most of it either dozing for reflecting on my time here - so needless to say I’m feeling rather introspective at the moment.

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