Saturday, 7 June 2014

007 Leaving Party

It's completely crazy to think we're having leaving parties already! it's most definitely not OK! I still have 34 and a half days left in New Zealand… not that's I'm counting and attempting to treasure every last minute here or anything.. Regardless of it feeling premature Friday evening was Orchard Park's Leaving Party, it was 007 James Bond themed so everyone really went all out - I should have taken some photos of what some of the other girls were wearing as everyone looked gorgeous! 
 Me and Anna went round to Hanne's to get ready with Tiffany, Shelby and Centaine for a few hours and it was so fun and girly! I ended up doing Anna and Hanne's make up and we all played dress up trying on about 100 different dresses before we settled!
 I was definitely coerced into wearing my outfit!
 It was a super fun evening, we all got a 'little' tipsy and had a complete ball! George's braces were also a star attraction the evening
 In between munching on vegetarian lasagne Anna got up to do her speech that Brett had asked her to do on behalf of all us inter nation students who were leaving. Needless to say a few people got a little emotional - it's truly crazy to think my time here is nearly up. I just can't comprehend how quickly time has flown while I've been out here - I swear I only got off the plane a few months ago, an entire year as certainly not passed!!
At the end of each Semester Orchard Park take a group photo and this year my camera got the honour! Orchard Park really has turned into a little family, and it's kinda weird to think I know every single person in this photo and i'd call almost all of them friends!
 To stop ourselves getting too emotional we headed back to Hanne's cottage where the evening progressed in a very dignified manner - as the photo above clearly demonstrates

Copious amounts of singstar continued into the early hours until our lovely RA's turned up and told us to turn it down, before doing an obligatory song themselves!
It was an amazing night- one I'm definitely going to remember. It's just not sunk in that's it's probably the last time we're all going to be in the same country since from monday onwards people are heading home once their exams are done - scary!

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