Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dubai Part 1

So I'm finally in Dubai!
The flight was really smooth, after a short flight from Manchester to London Heathrow, I grabbed a coffee and exchanged some of my money and waited for my flight to Dubai. Now the best bit of my flight was by far the fact that the flight was carrying a 'light load' meaning I got four seats to myself! 

Needless to say I did the only logical thing, I kicked off my shoes, pushed the armrests up and lounged out over the four seats with my collection of blankets and pillows! 

I managed to catch a taxi really easily and found my way to the Hotel (after stopping for directions since 'Golden Sands' is a selection of 10 apartment blocks and the driver couldn't find mine). I had to wait for a while in the reception area as my room wasn't ready, but it wasn't a problem since some of the reviews online had already said a wait was probable.
When I did get into my room I was really impressed! I opted for basically the cheapest accommodation I could find in Dubai that wasn't too dodgy and I think I got really lucky!
This is the view as you walk in, the bathroom is on the right, the kitchen is as you walk in leading to the bedroom/lounge area.

After unpacking a little and settling in I wandered up to the rooftop pool, found myself somewhere to sit and soaked up some sun and just generally relaxed! :)

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