Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 49 Ferry Crossing. Take 2

Everyone in my dorm was checking out this morning so all our alarms went off at the same time – and in case you were wondering it’s a very weird and startling experience being woken up by 6 alarms all chiming and singing different songs at half 8 in the morning! Not one I’m in any rush to repeat. Although the girl across from me falling out of her bed in alarm was pretty funny…

Packing up your life is an art and I think I’m rather capable at now, as by 9 I was up, dressed and packed ready to go! I opted to forgo breakfast as my recollection of the last time I took the Cook Strait ferry had sadly not faded from my memory. The Ferry was, of course, running half an hour late, so me and Natalie went to sit in the sun and make the most of our last couple of minutes on the South Island.

The Ferry was a pleasant surprise. It was incredibly smooth, and I got through the three hours on board without feeling the slightest hint of motion sickness! Me Natalie and a lovely French girl whose names I cant remember for the life me, all walked into Wellington together as we all stayed at the same hostel in Picton and me and the french girl (who I've just had sushi with but still can't remember her name) are staying at the same hostel in wellington and both catching buses to auckland tomorrow!
The perfect spot outside the art gallery to eat sushi, read and soak up some rays!

After claiming my bed – an important ritual necessary for survival in hostels, I went into the centre of Wellington to book my bus up to Auckland and generally finalise the details of how I was going to get my suitcase back (a lot of taxis and running is going to be necessary) and and going to get the airport. After which I bought myself a book, I read the  second one in Hanmer where they had a little library, and so I found myself desperate to read the first one. While having a chat to the bookshop owener I came to the startling realization that once again I’d found myself sucked into a series of books that was likely going to take years to finish as the author, Patrick rothfuss, is apparently as bad a geroge martin for taking his time writing his books – as if I don’t spend enough of my time waiting for the so longed for next installment and trying to keep track of books im waiting to come out…

So after getting some sushi (finally) I settled myself in the sunshine outside the arts museum to read my book J

Wellington Harbour is just beautiful at night!

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