Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 48 Delayed bus to Picton

I departed the Dusky Lodge bright and early to make it to the bus stop the recommended ten minutes prior to the bus’ scheduled arrival. I’m really not sure why I bother keeping to times and being early in New Zealand, everyone else is just too relaxed to worry about getting places on time, so everything is always late...
My last sunset in kaikoura!
The bus arrived only 20 minutes late, which is fairly good for New Zealand, but the Bus Driver then decided he needed his half an hour break so myself and the others at the bus stop were left to wait for a further 30 minutes. Meaning by the time we got the bus we had been waiting for an hour. In the rain.

The journey wasn’t ‘too’ bad, there were quite a few twisty roads, and someone was sick at the back, (not me this time! Hurray!) but I held it together – which was a blessed relief after yesterday’s fiasco of retching for 2hours on a boat…

I haven’t got a great deal to add honestly, I found my hostel, checked in, met some lovely people, had some free chocolate pudding, booked my hostel in Wellington, went in the hot tub with Natalie, and then collapsed on my bed. I'm all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning when I catch the ferry!
 Such a beautiful stretch of coastline

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