Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 46 Kaikoura

Today was a beautiful day in Kaikoura, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, but it was also windy. Really, really windy. Which means most of the activities were put on hold as the sea was just too rough. I’d booked to go on a wale watching tour off the coast of Kaikoura Pensinsula at 10:30 but when I got there it’d been cancelled, I then booked to go on the 12:00 but come half 11 that one had been cancelled too, so I tried the 4:00 but that was eventually cancelled too – in short all the trips for today were eventually cancelled but they don’t cancel anything until 15 minute prior to boarding as the weather changes so quickly here there’s no other way to be sure. I’ve booked to go on another one tomorrow but it’d messed up my plan for my time in Kaikoura so I’m not going to be able to fit everything in. (if I'm being positive that just means I have another excuse to come back though!)

New Zealand is known for it’s rapid weather changes, as is obvious by the huge variations in wildlife, and I’ve gotten used to the weather changing from glorious sunshine, to rain, then back to scorching tempratures but Kaikoura takes the biscuit! I’ve had just about every type of weather, bar snow, in the space of 8hours!
Such a crazy colour right?!
Because my tour was cancelled I got the chance to do a view of the walks around Kaikoura and generally soak up the ‘vibe’ of the place and explore the beach. I need to mention the colour of the water here, I’ve seen this crazy turquoise colour in a few lakes and rivers around New Zealand but I’ve not seen such a beautiful, and surreal colour in the oceans before! It's so beautiful, and with the mountains as a backdrop it's just exquisite!

 I loved sitting in this spot, the road was empty and the view just stunning!
 Kaikoura's main road! Just look at those mountains!
My picnic spot and the crowd that joined me!
So basically all I did today was do a few walks, wait for the seas to calm down and have a picnic on the beach - all in all I can't complain even if my trip has been postponed!
At the moment I’m just crossing my fingers the wale tour operates tomorrow because if not I don’t think I’m going to have time to do any of the activities I wanted to! 

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