Monday, 30 September 2013

My Room

I'm sure I've already complained to pretty much everyone at least once about the state of my room when I moved in. After flying for goodness knows how long being given a room that was disgusting and smelt wasn't the best start to my time in New Zealand. I spent two whole days disinfecting the room, as quite frankly I was too scared to unpack anything until it'd been sterilised 
(I really wish I was elaborating but it really was that bad)
What you see when you walk in, the wardrobe is on the left of this picture 
I also swapped the curtains as the ones I had when I moved in were a dark dirty green and the yellow curtains make a huge difference :)
 I've tried to put as much of my stuff out on show as possible to try and distract from the peeling paint and the awful wall colour
The 'R' Caitlin made for me :)
 My desk which no matter how much I clean never 'looks' clean - I know it is, but it just looks grubby! 
General bits and pieces 
 Chocolate from Sydney!
 I have a little chair next to the wardrobe as you walk in which is pretty useful for when I have people over to chat as theres only really the bed or floor to sit (it's usually got stuff on it though)
And, the pista la resistance the view - quite something no? Oh and i almost forgot to mention, I often get woken up at 6am by the recycling truck coming to empty the glass bin....

Now I've cleaned it up and settled in it really isn't bad, not going to lie, I wanted to cry when I first saw (and smelt) it but I think I was just spoilt with amazing accommodation at Lancaster!

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