Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pink Hair!

In preparation for summer travelling I decided to dye my hair pink, well the ends of my hair not all of it!  I bleached the ends of my hair first and I actually really liked the ends of my hair being this light brown/blonde, so much in fact i kept the blonde for a couple of weeks - today I finally got round to dying the blonde pink and I really love it! 
The blonde ombre 
 And the PINK
The other day I was having a break from studying and I think being stuck inside all day made me a little crazy so I experimented with my hair..
 I really miss having a bob...

 don't ever let me dye my hair blonde or get my hair cut like this... not a good look!
Just got back in from 'dessert night' at Iguana and tomorrow we're planning to go to half-price cocktails at Easy Tiger  (we realised there's lots of deals and offers we haven't made use of so we're trying to squeeze them in before semester ends)
Today me, Cara, Axel and George booked our hostel for Wellington - ridiculously excited to go travelling!!! 

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