Sunday, 13 October 2013

Midnight Update

Matt just text me, he was driving home from work and saw a Possum! So i threw on some shoes and ran out to finally come face to face with the much talked about New Zealand Possum! 

My verdict? SO CUTE!

In New Zealand they're seen as a pest as people basically kill them on sight, and the way people had described them to be I was basically expecting a giant rat. As it was it was a mix of a squirrel, mini kangaroo and a little bit like a cat! 

I'm glad I've finally seen one, it makes me even more sad about how they're seen in New Zealand now though since I've seen one in person. 

(I did want to get a photo but they're nocturnal and it was just too dark to even try and get one without using flash and scaring the poor thing)

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