Thursday, 4 September 2014

Iceland Day 4. Blue Lagoon

So today was my very last day in Iceland, and my very last day before I set off back home!
After a deliciously long lie in I woke up and head off to Loki Cafe, a traditional Icelandic Cafe specialising in 'Icelandic delicacies'! I opted for the Icelandic Platter...
 Featuring: 2 slices of  rye Bread one with mashed fish, another with smoked trout. Flatbread with smoked lamb, dried fish with butter and…. a bit of fermented shark (the menu didn't list fermented shark as I wouldn't have ordered it but the chef found out I wanted to try some traditional Icelandic food and added it on for me to give it a go!)

The meal was… interesting. The dried fish with butter was surprisingly good, as was the rye bread with mashed fish while the Rye bread itself was just amazing. The fermented shark was definitely not something I'll be recommending… urgh. 
 Right outside the Cafe is the Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral which is made to reflect the cliff faces I saw yesterday and it's really rather beautiful and startling. 
 I booked my bus to the Blue Lagoon for the early afternoon so I spent the rest of the morning pottering about Reykjavik for the last time as it really is a lovely city with lots of quirky corners

 There was an art exhibition going on in the middle of the city with photos from the mountains

 And I also spotted some lovely graffiti dotted around which really added to the community feel 
 It felt like I'd only been walking around Reykjavik for a few moments before I set off to get my bus and all I can say about the Blue Lagoon is wow. 

The Landscape around the Blue Lagoon is pure volcanic rocks and they just look amazing with the milky turquoise water that's naturally heated to around 40 degrees!
 I decided to completely pamper myself with this day at the Blue Lagoon and after getting my bracelet (which allows you to buy drinks and lock your locker) I didn't hesitate to make the most of the beautiful  pool and surroundings.
 I spent about an hour simply pottering about before I headed back into the locker room to grab my camera so I could get a couple of shots of the blue lagoon. 
 The water was lovely and warm, which given that every so often there was as cool freeze the contrast was amazing.. needles to say I spent the majority of the day in a luxurious state of bliss! 
despite it being quite busy, there were always deserted corners you could go to and just relax on your own - they also have a max so it never actually gets all that busy
I loved how the spa was a mix of natural ruggedness and modern stylishness so the bottom of the pool was smoothed but it was still kept 'authentic' so you often snubbed your toes since the floor was uneven and rocky! 
 The view from the pool more than made up for a couple of snubbed toes and bruises!

One of the best bits was that they had free mud available for face masks - needless to say I did several face masks and spent the day alternating between doing some lovely face masks and sipping a drink from the swim up bar! 
 I had the most amazing last day and I left completely relaxed ready for my crazy sleepless night and early morning getting back to the UK. The way back to reykjavik was pretty cool too as it was over the lava fields!

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