Saturday, 22 March 2014

Settling In

I can't believe I've been at uni 2 weeks already - this semester is simply going to fly by! 
The first week we had lots of activities for being an international student, and I spent most of the days doing forms and paperwork but almost every evening we did something which was great as I feel like I already know so many new people here!

One of the best activities (which we all thought would be a bit rubbish) was the Scavenger hunt! Orchard Park was split into 3 groups and we had a list of tasks we had to complete and take photos of, we started off on Campus but soon we ended up in town and then we got to play a free game of bowling!
we got bonus points if we got strangers in the photos so here's my group with a busker!
 We needed to make a Hum Pyramid but none of us fancied standing on each other so we did this instead!
We managed to fit 25 people into a Public Toilet!
 Then there was O week - basically Fresher's Week. I don't have too many photos of this but every evening was a fancy dress theme!
 Cowboys and Chiefs / Jungle - the night I got given a free cowboy hat
The BOCs Party - we had to dress up as something beginning with O or P (for Orchard Park)
A Princess, A Pineapple, A Prisoner, A Painter, A Panda and a Panther!

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